Affordable monthly plans

Our main goal is to offer our skype lessons at a reasonable price. We offer various monthly packages below. It is 25 minutes per class. Based on your need, the rate for one class can be as low as 2.5 USD! For your convenience, various online payment gateways are available. Please feel free to choose from them. All the monthly plans below are stated in US dollars (USD).





Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any enrollment fee or other fees other than the lessons?

It is totally free to start using We provide you with the course materials free of charge. You can also try the first lesson for free.

How does the free class work?

Only the first lesson is provided to you for free. The teacher will assess your English proficiency level in the first lesson. Starting from the second lesson, normal classes will begin based on your level.

What is a TalkEngClub class like?

All classes are 25-minute one-to-one live classes vis Skype.

What devices do I need to get started?

You should have any electronic devices that allow the use of Skype. You may also need to prepare a microphone and a web camera if your device does not come with them. Of course, you need a decent internet connection for the Skype service.