Jessa L.
  • Jessa L.
  • Major: Office Administration / Bachelor in SecondaryEducation
  • Experience Years: 1

About Me

I am Jessa, from the Philippines and I love teaching English. I have a lot of experience when it comes to the field of education and teaching. I had an opportunity teaching in a classroom setting in one of the middle school located at my place.  I finished two courses and one of them is Bachelor in Secondary Education. I am a professional/licensed teacher who teaches fun and Interactive lessons online of all ages and background. My goal is to help you communicate and express yourself like a native speaker. My methods of teaching will be based on your goals and expected results. I'm knowledgeable and friendly, so you'll feel comfortable with me while learning English.

Teaching Experience

My students primarily used my service to improved their communication skills and Business English but i also teach students who wants to pass toefl and Ielts. I had students from Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia. My experience as an ESL teacher helped me a lot in learning how to understand different culture and it also helped me find the right way to teach them. I am extremely passionate about meeting and getting to know people. You can have me as your teacher and a friend.  I teach Beginners, intermediate and advanced students.


Aside from teaching , My passions include singing, dancing, reading books and writing some essays. I joined a lot of contests when i was in college. I strived for my best not to win but to showcase my talents as I always want to share and i love performing. I chose to be a teacher because teaching means sharing knowledge and ideas together based on our skills and talents.