What is a Skype English class?

Skype English classes are just English classes conducted by using Skype. Skype is a computer software that allows you to communicate freely with anybody all over the world by video chats or voice chats.

Take online lessons with video and text chat

By using Skype for your online English lessons, you talk to and interact with your teacher on live, just like how you interact with your teachers in a classroom in schools. At the same time, you can also communicate with your teacher by text messages, which are recorded and can be reviewed after the end of the class.


Easy to start

To start using Skype for your online English lessons, you need a computer, a laptop or any other devices that allow the use of Skype. Also you need a good internet connection. You may also need a web cam and a microphone if your electronic device does not come with them.


Step1. Install Skype

Enter the official Skype site and install the Skype software to your electronic device. Please follow the instructions there and the installation process can be completed easily.


Step2. Sign up

After starting the Skype application, you would see a picture like the one on the right. Please click the 'create an account' link and fill in the 'sign up form'. Then you can sign in to Skype by using your account.


Step3. Check your setting.

Please check whether your web cam and microphone work properly In the menu bar (look at the 'options' on the toolbar). If there is anything wrong, check the official website of Skype here.