Learn English effectively at your convenience

We provide 1-1 live classes online and free class materials.

1-to-1 online classes

All our classes are live 1-to-1 classes. We have the strong belief that students learn English at their best in such environment. Actually students have more opportunities to ask questions and get more involved in the interactions with teachers. On the other hand, teachers understand the students' abilities and progress more completely due to frequent communication.


Various classes at different levels

We provide class materials for free. Various topics about business, traveling, culture and daily lives are covered in our materials to suit your needs. The topics are also suitable for learners at different levels which include absolute beginners, intermediate learners and advanced learners. Occasionally teachers make use of materials that are readily available online if needed.


Quality control

We have a strict system of quality control. All feedback and comments from our students are very welcome. We believe that students' comments are crucial for us to improve the qualities of our classes. At the end, we would like to offer our services to you at our best.