What is is an online English tutoring school. We hire qualified and experienced English teachers to teach any students through skype. All the lessons are online 1-to-1 classes.


How does a Skype lesson work?

Skype is a telecommunications application software product that specializes in providing video chats and video calls from computers, tablets and mobile phones via the Internet to other electronic devices or smartphones. Every user can register a Skype account and use it for free. We make use of Skype to provide lessons for our students. Each lesson is 25-minute and live.


What should I prepare for the Skype lessons?

Any electronic devices (computers, laptops , smartphones or other devices) in which you can use skype are required. The microphone and the webcam features are imbedded in the recent versions of devices. In the cases that you are using an older versions of devices, you are also required to prepare a microphone and web camera.


What time can I take your lessons?

We offer you lessons based on the availability of our teachers. The information regarding your timezone (based on your location) is stored in our database. We take it into account when you book your lessons through our booking system. We try our best to accommodate all our students by offering lessons in almost all time slots in 24 hours every day.


What happens if I am late to my classes?

The classes will be cancelled automatically if you are late for more than 10 minutes. If you are late for less than 10 minutes, we will run our classes as usual but please bear in mind that we will not compensate for the loss of the minutes in the lesson.


What level of English is required to take lessons provided by you?

You are welcome to join us regardless of your English proficiency level. All our lessons are conducted in English only. You will learn English faster when you are staying in the medium of English regularly. So you are encouraged to start our lessons even if you are an absolute beginner. We use the first class to assess your English proficiency level.


Why are all your teachers from the Philippines?

Our main goal is to offer you affordable and effective English lessons. That's the reason why we hire all our English teachers from the Philippines as the labor cost over there is considerably lower than the developed English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada or Australia. English is one of the official languages in the Philippines and it is commonly used in daily lives, government and business. The educated Filipinos can even speak English like native speakers. We keep a high standard in hiring our teachers all the time. The teachers are hired based on their experience, qualifications and passions in teaching English to foreign students.


Are the classes offered every day?

Please note that we may not offer any classes on the public holidays of the Philippines.


Is there anything we need to notice for the classes with Filipino teachers?

All our teachers have internet connection at an appropriate speed to run the classes smoothly. Extreme weather (typhoon or heavy rain) do occur in the Philippines occasionally. In that situation, the internet connection may be interrupted and the video lessons may not run smoothly. In these extreme conditions, our teachers may conduct the classes without the video feature as long as the audio part is mainly uninterrupted.


How does the free lesson work?

We offer any registered user the first lesson for free. In the first lesson, it is mainly used to assess your English proficiency level. Starting from the second lesson, normal classes start and you are required to pay based on the monthly payment plan you prefer.


How do you accept payments?

We offer various online payment gateways to accept online payments. These gateways include Paypal, credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) or the others. You are free to choose the method you prefer the most. We do not accept payments other than the gateways provided by us on our website. We may expand our offerings of online payment gateways in the future.


Do you offer other services except online English lessons?

We may provide our original course materials on our website for free. We may also use other free online resources for the English lessons at your convenience whenever it is needed. Also, our teachers may use their own materials when they consider it necessary. All of these are offered to you for free.


Can I get a refund if I choose to stop using your service after paying for a monthly package?

All our payment plans are made on a monthly basis. You are required to take all the lessons provided by the monthly package within a month after you make your payment. In the case that you stop using our service without completing all lessons in a monthly package, we will not make any compensation for that. The lessons that are not done by you within a month are automatically cancelled and these lessons are not extended to the month after. We do not offer any refund on that.