In pursuing a college degree you should probe whether a school or program is recognized. Aside from the typical campus-based learning, another option is through online education.

According to Open Education Data Base (OEDB) there are 3,509 online schools that are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Before, online tutoring was considered as having poor certification practices. As web learning becomes conventional, improvements were made to bring it at a level that is at par with the teachings in a traditional institution.

Prerequisites for both online and campus programs are the same. You will get the same high standard of learning whether you are enrolled in a traditional or online program, as long as the school is accredited.

In finding a job, online graduates are in the same footing with campus graduates. It is up to the employer to determine which of the candidates will fit the job vacancy.

Since online education had been accredited, earning a degree in the traditional manner is the same. Some people pursue such program thinking that this is cheaper – Is it true?

Let us examine this further.

By and large, educational cost charges for online study is much cheaper than those of the customary classes. Tuition fee comprises the biggest portion of learning. Rates differ for online tutoring and classroom teaching. In making a choice, it is important to examine the program if it meets your requirements and the fee involved.

Online students miss out the campus life, the joy of associating themselves with your genre, and the feel of having people around you and a live teacher lecturing in front. However, there are unseen expenses which are high when you sum it all up. There are commuting costs, if you travel by car there is gas and the parking charges. You also have to consider outlays in printing, notebooks, bags, clothing and more in going to a school, and the time in going to and going home from school. There are also intangible things to consider like getting stressed, tired, and anxious.

If you are taking classes on the web, you will encounter fewer worries and expenses.

Most online learners save a lot of time and can take on a part-time job while studying. They can pay for their education or help in their family’s expenses.

If you live far from the school, and plan to take up a college degree, chances are you will live in a dormitory. It avoids long travel time and high expenses in transportation. Online learning will spare you from this.

In case, you are the type of student who needs to be encouraged by a teacher, you will fit in a regular school environment.


Things to consider in deciding to either take up an online or campus-based learning experience will depend on: your financial capability, the type of environment that suits you, and your decisiveness in completing a college degree. However, if you are very motivated on getting that diploma it does not matter what situation you are in. You will find ways in attaining your goal no matter what kind of barrier is in your way.