English undoubtedly is the a commonly used language in the world and considered to be the universal language. It may not be the most spoken language but those who use this to communicate regularly is estimated to be about two billion people. Actually, it is the world’s second largest native language spoken in 70 countries.

Chinese in its various dialects hit the top spot as the dominant spoken language globally, accounting to about 14.4 percent of the world’s population that uses this vernacular.

However, English can be easily understood anywhere. It is the simplest and easiest language in the world. English is easy to learn, understand, write, and speak. It comprises only 26 basic letters and there are almost no inflections.

Compare this with these with other languages like: Chinese which has very complicated script and tones, German has many inflections, and Japanese has a very complicated script.

Learning English is not a walk in the park, it can be time-consuming and challenging. But it is very important to learn because it can create many opportunities.

1. Have you encountered this: a group of foreigners with different nationalities communicate with each other in English? If, they use their native dialects they will definitely not understand each other.

2. It is the predominant dialect and turned out to be a necessity to communicate in English if you are to enter the global workforce. Research shows that businesses interconnect frequently through English. Learning the language will make you bilingual giving you an edge in employment in every country.

3. A vast majority of the world’s top movies, books, music, print materials, and media footage are presented in English. With knowledge of this language you will have access to an abundance of entertainment, a great cultural understanding, and updated information.

4. With the introduction of the internet a lot of businesses introduce their company’s product and services through the web. Through their websites they are able to generate sales and increase their brand visibility all over the world. This medium is also used for communications, transactions, and payments online. However, the dialect mostly used is in English.

5. Even though Chinese is the most spoken language, the United States still leads the field in technical innovation, commerce, economic development, media, and more where English is the spoken language.

6. The medium of communication in science is English, to understand science you need to know English. There are technical terms that can be only understood, written, and spoken in this dialect. Most of science journals are written in English, so if you want to be updated on the latest information you must learn this language.

7. If you are a non-English speaker involved in business, it is essential that you should know how to communicate in this language. Although there are translation services out there, a simple syntax error, a missing punctuation, or a misspelled word may alter the whole meaning of the text. Your response may not be in sync with the sender’s message, in the end you be losing money because of miscommunication.