From a philosophical point of view, it is not part of a teacher’s job to make the students learn. Their job is to impart knowledge. It is the student’s job to learn.

But what happens when the tutoring and the learning process are considered to be independent of each other? The teacher speaks in front of the class discussing the lesson while the learner listens to the lecture in only one ear and let the lesson slip away from another ear. Nothing is left in between.

This pushes the situation in a predicament where I do my job and you do yours, it’s not my concern if you don’t learn. Teachers get paid no matter the student makes the grade or not. But this is morally wrong if the teacher’s students are failing to learn.

Once a student enrolls it is an inferred indication that they want to learn from experts who can provide them with knowledge.

The value of knowledge that a student maintains in their head speaks well of the tutor’s teaching methods. Numerous teachers have an incredible amount of information but do not have the expertise to get the message across to the learners. Often, great teaching comes with the right attitude to their students, their subject, and their devotion to their profession.

Here are the qualities of a good instructor and how they can make their lesson interesting to their students.


You should be dedicated to what you do. Without the genuine interest to teach your subject it would be impossible to get the student’s attention to focus on your lecture. Being a good thespian will show that you love what you are teaching. To the point that you might look silly to your students when you are discussing algebra. Eventually, your passion will have an influence on them and make them interested.


Being an instructor is a noble profession. The work doesn’t stop after lecturing and giving out tests. In the event that a student is lagging behind in class, the teacher should be willing to tutor them after school. Inform the students in your class that you are available to give assistance so that the students who need help can realize that you are concerned about their school performance.

Make learning simple

In case you are the only one in the school who does integration, you ought to keep doing it. If you are not prepared to relate complex polynomial with music, take small steps relating it with another discipline, like sports. Observe how your students will react to your approach and do not be dismayed by adverse reactions. Check out the web, there will be numerous instruction resources that will give ideas which you can expand on.

Interaction with students

Without having an association with your students it would be very hard for them to learn what you had lectured. It’s like you are living in two different worlds. Find time to connect with them, speak their language, engage in their favorite sport, and treat them as equal. After a while you will be able to bridge the gap imparting your knowledge to them.