Out with the old – in with the new, it’s a New Year’s Day but the vast majority are still fine-tuning themselves that this is no longer 2015.

January is a great month to concentrate on fresh starts and objectives for a New Year that just began. It is the best time to assess our accomplishments, success and failure, and the changes that we need to make us better.

In many countries, a resolution is a tradition prepared by an individual which contains a list of “Things to Do or Not to Do” for self-improvement from the first day of the New Year onward. These enhancements can be studying another dialect, giving up a habit like smoking, getting healthy by losing weight, being friendly to your neighbors and other positive improvements.

At the onset, there’s a lot in the list but as the year winds up more are crossed out as you fail to follow through your resolution. In the end you have accomplished nothing – do not be dismayed and you are not the only one.

Here are some recommendations to assist your ESL learners in preparing and remembering their New Year’s resolution throughout the year.

Lively interaction

Start the year on a positive note, discuss with the learners the idea of resolutions. Why are these made? What are these? Why are these not followed?

It’s time to take out the pencil and paper to prepare their list of resolutions for the 2016 Year.

To start the ball rolling ask them these:
• What are some New Year’s resolutions you have made in the past?
• How can New Year’s resolutions help you in the coming year?
• What are some New Year’s resolutions that you have broken quickly?
• How can New Year’s resolutions be a good opportunity for change?
• What New Year’s resolutions are you still keeping now?

Have a go at this worksheet, “My New Year’s Resolution.” It urges your students to consider positive things they can do to enhance their general surroundings. Let them compose their thoughts in the spaces. The subjects will focus on their household, school environment, their group, and the world. This will encourage your learners to develop their thoughts and their writing skills, as well.

Boost creativity

There are wonderful projects that will get your learner’s innovative juices rolling. Typically, arts and craft inspire creativity.

Request your learners to sketch two images. One on something that they appreciated in doing in the year that has recently passed, and the other on something they are planning to achieve this year; like mountain climbing or getting a pet.

Partition the class into 12 groups, each group will be assigned a certain month. They need to design and make a page for their allocation. Put the pages together and make this the official class calendar for the year.

New Year’s Resolution Game

Give each of your learner a piece of paper and let them write down their New Year’s resolution. Put these inside a box and have each student pick one and draw it on the board without using any words

Ask the student’s what the resolution is. This will encourage them to speak out the English language they learned.