Nowadays, parents are more focused on earning to meet the expenses in the daily cost of living. Even full-time mommies are busy with the household chores and running daily errands and find less time in teaching their children. After a day of hard work at the office, daddies have just enough energy to clean the dishes and do some manual tasks. Afterwards, they recover their spent energy in front of the idiot box or reading a book. Quality time with the kids are mostly through conversations like, “How are you doing in class?” or “Any problem with your subjects?” Slow and average learners in classes are finding it difficult to get in sync with the lectures, resulting in failures or low grades.

Foreign learners who are accustomed to their native dialects find hitches in adapting English as their second language. More so, to people who migrated to a country where English is the medium of communication. The errors commonly encountered by language learners are syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation. Cultural perception and differences in communication styles, and preferences are also noteworthy. A student may just want to listen to the lecture and does not view interaction and class discussion as important.

With the increasing popularity of the internet more and more people are turning to online tutoring as one facet of learning. Online tutoring services are sought by parents and by people who want to communicate in English and other disciplines as a secondary educational tool.

Both genre can choose qualified English teachers for their teaching needs, but the question is:

Are Online Tutors Qualified to Teach?

Online tutoring service providers have a pool of professional internal and external teachers. They choose the best globally who are native linguists and are knowledgeable in different subject matters.

Hiring process

There are lots of applicants, but only a few are chosen. The hiring process is stringent, you have to pass a test based on the level and subject that you want to teach. After passing, there are phone consultations and interviews. An actual online teaching lesson with a student at the other end will be mandatory to test your skills and patience. Those that pass will be given online materials and will be focused on how they will communicate with their students.

This job requires a high level of professionalism that is required by the learners who will hire them.


Teaching experience is a must if you want to be an online tutor. Most online tutorial service provider requires the following:

• A post-graduate or graduate degree in the subject you will be tutoring.
• Mastery of the subject.
• Computer skills.
• Special certificates for non-teachers who are qualified to tutor.

Expectations from an Online Tutor

In a virtual environment, they should be able to communicate with the students visually and verbally. They should oversee exams, prepare exercises, and share resources in an organized manner.

They should answer student questions, and should be certain that the student have understood the answer.

They should also maintain a record of the student’s progress, and suggest a program to improve their learning process.