Depending on one’s point of view there are three answers to this question which are Yes, No, and Maybe.

This is a controversial topic that has been talked about a number of times by educators, learners, and parents. It connotes different reactions to the parties involved, either favorable or vice versa. Albeit, many believe that assignments cause harm due to the unnecessary stress involved in doing one. Others look at in another way and sees it as advantageous for encouraging children to learn more outside the classroom and to practice what they were taught in class.


Assignments create a bonding between students and teacher to work more closely together. A learner can ask anything that is vague, understanding the lesson will make learning more enjoyable. It can also be a gauge of a student’s performance in class. There are slow learners, the teacher can focus on the needs of this type of students.

It can create strong family ties as students may ask their parents or siblings for assistance in their homework. Learners will get a better understanding on the topic that they are stuck on, parents get involved with their children’s education. This is quality time well spent, both parties can talk at the same level improving their relationship.

Doing assignments is a great way to learn the lessons taught in school. Practice makes perfect, the effort to learn more will bear fruit. This will prepare the student for the big tests. It is also a great way to develop a sense of responsibility since you know that there’s something that needs to be done.

It is a great way for parents to assess how their children are doing in school. They can develop a system to address the needs of their children.

Adverse Repercussions

Learners spend seven to eight hours in school, putting in more hours in completing assignments is taxing and stressful. They need to relax, to refresh their minds and bodies, and keep their thoughts free from school work.

Assignments lessen the amount of time children spend with their family. For a growing child, family bonding is important. Social problems might arise that might compromise the unity in the family.

It can cause conflict between children and parents, when the child shows resistance in doing a daunting task. Perhaps, both parties are just too tired and patience is a bit low to make both minds meet.

Too much assignment can encourage copying from classmates who are dishonest. A student may be rewarded for cheating which will not benefit him at all.

Teachers are too busy with preparing their lesson plans and managing the activities for the school days. Papers aren’t graded properly and in a timely manner, when the papers are returned the teacher is lecturing another topic.


Some studies indicate that, homework completion frequency does predict the student’s grades and may have impact on later achievement. Homework is a valuable means for training, allowing learners to practice, and in doing so, hit the books to study the lesson.